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maintaining an electric motorcycle
Electric Motorcycles

How to Maintain an Electric Motorcycle 

The basic things you need to know about maintaining an electric motorcycle   In recent months we’ve seen interest in electric motorcycles skyrocketing. And one of the most common areas of interest we get asked about after the range and cost is ‘how do I take care of it?’  We’ve covered this in little bits

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Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcyles Coming to Australia in 2023

Here’s every new road-approved electric motorcycle available in Australia right now. Along with every disapproved electric motorcycle and every motorcycle we might see coming through this year.  2022 was a great year for electric motorcycles in Australia – now look, we won’t lie, we expected a lot of our road approvals to come through around

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Energica Experia vs Zero DSR/X | Comparing Electric Tourers 

We’ve gotten to the stage where electric moto giants are turning their head towards electric tourer motorcycles. Here’s our comparison of the top two bikes available right now.  Energica Motor Company and Zero Motorcycles – two of the biggest names in electric motorcycles from opposite sides of the world.  Both are constantly smashing the ceilings

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The Legendary E-venture of Ed Darmanin | Harley Davidson Livewire

This Aussie retiree made an 8,500 km journey across the country on an Harley Davidson Livewire    How do you plan on celebrating your retirement? A whirlwind tour of Europe? Spending a few months relaxing on a beach in Thailand would be my answer.  But Ed Darmanin, a recently retired electrical engineer from Sydney’s Northern

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Tobin explains why are electric motorcycles so expensive
EV ownership

Why are electric motorcycles so expensive?

Why are electric motorcycles so expensive? We’re going to address this once and for all because it’s the single most frequent question/comment we get… “If only I had a spare $50k lying around”  “Too expensive”  “No one will buy it at that price”  It’s starting to sound like a broken record so we’re going to

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November updates from AEMC.

Missed out on the November Newsletter? Here’s all the latest from inside the Australian Electric Motor Co. for this month.   They say good things come to those who wait…after our good news last month – we got confirmation from the Department of Infrastructure that the Energica Experia model is now Full Volume Approved in

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Electric Motorcycles

What’s Coming For Zero in 2023

Here’s a breakdown of what we know from electric moto favourite Zero in 2023.  I can’t believe we’re already wrapping up 2022, it’s been a good year for the progression of electric motorcycles and we can already see how 2023 is shaping up. Casting ahead to next year we’re looking at the 2023 range of

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Energica Experia Launch and Factory Tour

On a recent vacation Tobin got a full Energica experience. After the UK launch of the Experia he got to tour the factory in Modena, Italy and get some updates on the future of Energica.    The UK launch for the Experia was held at Gridserve, a mecca of sustainable energy technology and vehicles. Tobin

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Energica Electric Motorcycles Have Been Greenlit For Australian Roads

We have been working toward this for over a year now and we are SO excited to announce that three of Energica’s electric Motorcycles have been approved for use on Australian roads.   The Energica Ego, Eva Ribelle and EsseEsse9 were approved for use by the Department of Infrastructure just this week, which means Aussie

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European electric motorcycle
Electric Motorcycles

European Electric Motorcycles in Australia 

Which world class European brands have electric motorcycles in Australia? Here’s our breakdown of what’s available, and where to get them.   You only need to think of names like Ducati, BMW, Porsche or Jaguar to see the influence European innovation has had on the motoring. While the landscape of vehicle manufacturing is changing from

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