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This depends on 2 things – charging speed and battery size. 

Energica Motorcycles come with DC fast charge technology, which allows you to fill the 21.5 kWh battery in under an hour. 

If you can access an AC type 2 charger at home, work or at a public station, you should be able to charge most premium electric motorcycles in 3 – 6 hours. Quick chargers can override the onboard charger limits and cut down charging time. 

All motorcycle models we stock can be slow-charged from a standard wall outlet. This can take between 2 – 10 hours depending on the motorcycle/scooter model.

If you have more questions about battery charging – check out this article on our blog on electric motorcycle charging

For Energica, Zero and Electric Motion – the batteries are not removable/interchangeable. Currently it is very hard to make a removable battery that has enough power and range for a high-performance motorcycle, that is also easy to remove and not too heavy. Until battery technology for high-performance motorcycles advance, the batteries in these motorcycles are too dense to remove. 

There are brands that offer electric motorcycles with removable batteries, like Benzina Zero’s range of scooter we stock – these are smaller, more mobile lithium battery packs. 

Yes, Energica , Electric Motion & Benzina Zero Motorcycles/scooters can be charged from a 240v outlet – the charging times will vary depending on which model you choose. 

Not officially – Zero stopped exporting motorcycles to Australia in 2015. We have a limited number grey import 2021 Zero Motorcycles available for purchase. We do not have access to 2022 Zero Motorcycles. It is extremely unlikely any 2022 models of Zero Motorcycles will reach Australia or NZ this year.

If you are interested in a Zero Motorcycle please contact us to enquire about what used inventory is available. We have a limited selection of SR/S, SR/F and S models available now. 

Back in 2015, the distributor for Zero Motorcycles in Australia and NZ went into administration. This meant the supply of Zero Motorcycles to this region stopped. The distributor was not able to support the motorcycles sold to customers. Zero has supported some of these customers remotely from the States.

We would love to see Zero Motorcycles back into the region. They are the largest premium electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world.

With the developing infrastructure, the brand’s technological advancements and government support, Zero is in a great position to come back to the region.

We currently sell Energica, Electric Motion & Benzina Zero electric motorcycles. We are looking to bring other electric motorcycle brands into Australia throughout 2022. We are starting with Energica Motorcycles because they are the best premium electric motorcycle manufacturers globally.  We have our eyes on several other emerging brands – Sondors, Pursang, Damon, Stark, Switch, RGNT, Land and Trevor – our goal is to get as many of these through Compliance Approval and other customs hurdles throughout 2022. Stay up to date on our social media, website and email lists as we will be making announcements as the brands become available. 

All of our models need to be first ADR approved for road-use in Australia. Once this process is complete we can apply for models that are under the LAMs power threshold to be added tot he LAMs list.  

The following models fall under the LAMs power threshold:

  • Zero FX 7.2
  • Zero S 14.4
  • Electric Motion Escape
  • All Benzina Zero models

Long range touring is one of the areas electric motorcycles are limited in for the moment. As technology develops and more access to charging stations become available, we expect this to improve. Our Energica motorcycles manage a 246km combined range (420km city and 198km highway) and can fast charge in 60 minutes. There are thousands of charging stations available across Australia which can be found here or we would also reccomend downloading the Plugshare App which shows your all available charging stations, their current state and compatibility. 

Going on a long range trip on an electric motorcycle does require some planning – which in our opinion makes it that much more fun. Plugshare is a great app for planning a journey in an EV – it shows you all of the available charging stations on your route and their current status. 


We’re seeing some really interesting developments in the battery space. Some experimental solid state batteries are producing 3 X more range and considerably quicker charging speeds in test environments. We see battery technology evolving rapidly in the next 10 years to the point where electric motorcycles will outperform the petrol equivalents in most categories. The Stark Varg is the first bike to do this – there will be many more in the coming years.

You will have to get in touch with our team to discuss which model you are interested in and the aftermarket parts available. 

We don’t currently have many used premium electric motorcycles in Australia. However, you are welcome to browse second hand electric motorcycles on our UK website and request it be imported for you. 

We anticipate that we will be able to offer used motorcycles in the near future once our first buyers come back to upgrade.

This year we are also looking forward to bringing in cheaper brands of electric motorcycles into Australia after we are able to import and compliance approve our Energica Motorcycles. 

If you are interested, we are proud to offer finance packages with Allied Credit that bring the price of our motorcycles down to weekly rates as low as $69 – depending on credit applications and approval.

Currently Energica and Zero don’t offer a cruiser in their lineup. Over the next 12 months Energica are working on a lot of new models now they have pulled back from the MotoE series – one of these may include a cruiser but we won’t know until the announcements are made. 

We are currently looking at importing other brands like Pursang, RGNT, Switch, Damon, Lightning etc. None of which offer a cruiser option. We recommend signing up to our monthly newsletter to keep up to date with product launches as they come out. 

If you are looking for a motorcycle with a low seat hight, we recommend you look at the Energica Eva Ribelle or Zero SR/F. Both have relatively low seat height at 780mm with more of an upright riding position. You can find out more about the Energica Ribelle here

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