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It began with Old Empire Motorcycles in the UK. Founded in 2010 through an absolute and enduring passion for everything two-wheeled, the House of Assembly was built – paying daily homage to the gods of speed and fuel – creating and displaying our beautiful bespoke motorcycles. In 2016 we fell in love with electric motorcycles. English Electric Motor Co (EEMC) was established and our interest in the electric motorcycle movement began. We looked to the future and saw an opportunity to become Australia’s first electric motorcycle dealership.

It was a long journey. But in early 2022 we opened the Australian Electric Motor Co. In Burleigh Heads and we are now on the forefront of bringing electric motorcycles to Australian riders.

AEMC offers a full range of electric on-road and off-road motorcycles/e-bikes, which are showcased at our Burleigh Heads HQ. We host travelling ‘Demo Days’ across the area at various shows, and we host community events that allow us to grow with our local motorcycle riding community. We not only believe our hands-on demonstrations educate the public to the benefits of electric transport, but also to the benefits of a more environmentally friendly and cost effective approach to travel.

Now there's Australian Electric Motor Co...

Our Regional Director Tobin Page established our HQ in Burleigh Heads, QLD with the assistance of the City of Gold Coast – a forward thinking organisation that wanted to put the area on the map in terms of innovative and sustainable technology. AEMC will offer Australians and New Zealanders the same great service, products and expertise that has made EEMC the biggest dedicated electric motorcycle and scooter retailer in the UK. With great brands like Energica, Electric Motion & Benzina, Zero and more to come – we are bringing the very best products into a market which has been patiently waiting.

AEMC is ready to take up the challenge of converting riders to the world of electric motorcycles. We feel Australia and New Zealand are ready too.

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