Electric Motorcycle Servicing

We offer electric motorcycle servicing all over the country through our Service Partner Network.

Access top tier electric motorcycle servicing mechanics in locations across Australia. The electric vehicle popularity is continuing to grow in Australia and we are able to offer a service partner network across the country making EV motorcycle ownership easier. We have joined with electric motorcycle service partners in every Australian capital city, which means that help with your EV bike will never be too far away. 

If you are within 20km of a service partner location we can offer a motorcycle collection and drop off service for that extra level of convenience.

AEMC are certified zero and energica motorcycle service partners

What is electric motorcycle servicing?

Maintaining your electric motorbike vs a combustion engine bike is very different. There are some important contrasts that you should know. For example, no oil or oil filter changes, no need for coolant or other fluids, no spark plugs or air filters. This means that the problems you’re used to having with a motorcycle all go out the window. 

What maintenance is needed on an electric motorcycle?

The primary areas of focus for electric motorcycle servicing are mostly similar to minor issues you would experience with a gas-powered motorcycle; 

Chain lubrication and cleaning
every 1500-2500kms, depending on weather and other circumstances. Some electric motorcycles like Zero function with a belt motion require tension testing.

Brakes and brake fluid
Electric motorcycles have brakes that work on the same principal as the brakes or regular gas-powered motorcycles.

Tyre maintenance
Similar to every type of motorcycle  

Lights and turn signals
Also similar to every type of motorcycle

Electric motorcycle batteries can last up to 10 years, check the details of your motorcycles battery for more information, or have a chat to your EV mechanic. 

Running diagnostic errors
Using a connection cord unique to the brand, service mechanics run a diagnostic on your bike to see if there are any internal errors that need attention.


petrol vs electric motorcycle cost. Fastest Zero Electric Motorcycle

Zero Motorcycle Servicing In Australia 

We’ve been waiting to announce this one! The Australian Electric Moto Co team have now completed our Service Training which means that Zero Motorcycle servicing is available in Australia!    We are stoked to officially become Zero Motorcycle’s Australian Service Centre! It’s been a bit of a journey getting to this point – but now

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maintaining an electric motorcycle

How to Maintain an Electric Motorcycle 

The basic things you need to know about maintaining an electric motorcycle   In recent months we’ve seen interest in electric motorcycles skyrocketing. And one of the most common areas of interest we get asked about after the range and cost is ‘how do I take care of it?’  We’ve covered this in little bits

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Electric motorcycle being cleaned

Electric Motorcycle Servicing with Australian Electric Motor Co.

Everything you need to know about an electric motorcycle service in Australia   We know a huge part of owning an electric motorcycle you’re proud of is keeping it working in prime condition. Let’s face it, Australia is a pretty underdeveloped country in terms of electric vehicle infrastructure. This is already changing and the EV

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Standard Electric Motorcycle Service - $350 plus GST.

australian electric motorcycle servicing

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