Zero Motorcycle Servicing In Australia 

We’ve been waiting to announce this one! The Australian Electric Moto Co team have now completed our Service Training which means that Zero Motorcycle servicing is available in Australia! 


We are stoked to officially become Zero Motorcycle’s Australian Service Centre! It’s been a bit of a journey getting to this point – but now we can officially service all Zero models in Australia, source replacement parts and diagnose issues with the help of the Zero engineering team in the States. 

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Zero stopped importing electric motorcycles to the Australian market back in 2015. A lack of EV incentives & the relatively underdeveloped charging infrastructure added to reasons why they withdrew. Now that EV charging infrastructure is growing rapidly we hope that will change in the near future. 

This is a great win for Australia where some 100 legacy Zero bikes were sold and many of which are still on the road. If you have one of these Zero’s and would like us to take a look at the bike/give it an overdue service or upgrade some of the components – please let us know by contacting us here. 

The timing of our Service Partnership is particularly good – following the announcement that Zero has partnered with IMI in the Philippines to assemble Zero Motorcycles for the Asia-Pacific market.

What does this partnership mean? Well, no official word yet – but motorcycle assembly is considerably cheaper in Asia than in California, so we’re hoping this means falling Zero Motorcycle prices for bikes and parts in 2024 – just like we are seeing with almost all of the Tesla range.

It should also mean higher production volumes for Zero Motorcycles which is very promising for markets like Australia given our now proximity to the production facilities. This is extremely awesome news, because we know Australian electric motorcycle lovers are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the Zero bikes. 

While our Service Partnership doesn’t mean 2023 Zero Motorcycles will be available in Australia yet – it is a step towards Zero playing a more active role in the Australian market. 

The final piece of good Zero news is that Zero have confirmed that all their motorcycles we imported from the UK will be fully warranty backed. Combined with our service training it means that we are now able to offer a comprehensive servicing plan with all the Zero electric bikes we sell. 

With this news we have already started seeing an increased interest for Zero bikes at our dealership. We have a great range of Zero motorcycles available so if you’d like to come and test ride one, let us know.

You can also check out the Zero motorcycles AEMC has available here, or bounce over to our YouTube channel where we’ve uploaded some content running over some Zero models, how they work and how to charge them. 

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