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The International Energy Agency (IEA) says “Electric Vehicles” is one category that is on track to meet their Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario. Road transport accounts for 16% of global emissions. Recent years have seen exponential growth in the sale of EVs, together with improved range, wider model availability and increased performance.

our mission is to bring the best electric motorcycles to the Australian market, helping aussie riders and businesses reach zero emissions targets







                    BETTER FOR THE FUTURE


energica Experia
Electric Motorcycle

Current fleet Motorcycles

It’s difficult to pin down exactly which motorcycles are the most popular for fleet use in Australia when we’re talking about private businesses. However, we do know that the Australian Police have the largest fleet of motorcycles in the country. The most common Police on-road motorcycles are currently Yamaha FJR1300 & Honda ST1300.



The Energica Experia shares competitive horsepower and acceleration statistics between the common Honda ST1300, Yamaha FJR1300, and BMW R1200RTP Police fleet motorcycles.

However, the newly designed Experia motor creates an unstoppable 900 Nm / 664 ft lb. of Torque at the wheel, giving it instant power no other internal combustion engine (ICE) ever could.

Bigger, yet lighter everywhere

Experia’s world leading battery capacity (22.5 kWh) has increased, yet has a lower weight, plus a centralized, lower center of gravity allowing for better low-speed rideability.


The new redesigned Permanent Magnet Assisted Synchronous Reluctance Motor (PMASynRM) is also lighter, and positioned lower than in previous Energica models making the Experia a pleasure to ride in mixed terrain.

Cost comparison

7 Year/70,000 km Ownership Cost


Charging is shockingly easy: use a wall socket, new or existing EV chargers, or DC Fast Charge Stations

Energica Motorcycles are the only brand in Australia that offers dc FAST CHARGING


Case Example: Australian Electric Motor Co. (AEMC) HQ

  • AEMC HQ utilizes a 28 kW Solar Power system
  • On average, the daily solar energy generated is 92.7 kWh
  • One Energica Experia nominal battery pack capacity is 19.6 kWh
  • The average solar power generated per day equates to fully charging one Experia 4.7 times and riding 1,182 KM 
  • In comparison to the fuel economy of a Yamaha FJR 1300, that daily solar generated mileage would cost $179/day or $65k/yr in petrol 

DID YOU KNOW… Solar costs have dropped significantly over the past decade, making the move to renewable energy even easier. We can help achieve your solar energy goals for your fleet, with costs as low as $1k per Kilowatt.

performance and sustainability packaged

Experia Fleet Pricing

Exclusive Experia fleet pricing options customised to your needs

Solar and charging

Cost effective solar & charging options for all infrastructures

Specialised servicing

Peace of mind service contracts & scheduled maintenance plans

Electric Scooters
The sustainable solution for effective
business operations

Electric scooters are the innovative and eco-friendly way to conduct deliveries and courier services while reducing overall costs to your business. 

Cost comparisons for businesses

Running Costs

Electric scooters are highly cost-effective in the long run. The average cost to charge an electric scooter is significantly lower than filling up a gas tank. Australian businesses can save substantially on fuel expenses, especially for frequent deliveries or courier services.

Maintenance Costs

Electric scooters have fewer components to maintain, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Reduced maintenance needs also translate to less downtime, ensuring that businesses can maintain seamless operations and meet delivery schedules effectively.

Registration Fees

Registering an electric scooter in Australia is cost-effective when compared to gas-powered scooters. The registration fees for electric scooters are generally lower, contributing to further cost savings for businesses.

Insurance Costs

Electric scooters often have lower insurance premiums, making them an attractive option for businesses seeking to minimize operating expenses while still maintaining essential coverage.

Benzina Zero Electric Scooters

This innovative Australian  company is at the forefront of creating sustainable vehicles for both people and goods. AEMC offer the complete range of Benzina Zero scooters for eco conscious urban businesses ready to start making an impact with their vehicle choices.

Benzina Zero Duo

In Stock

Benzina Zero Duo

From $5,040
or $25 per week*
Top Speed: 45km/h
Charge Time: 7 Hours
Range: 105 km
LAMs Approved
In Stock

Benzina Zero Duo+

From $5,650
or $30 per week*
Top Speed: 65km/h
Charge Time: 7 Hours
Range: 95 km
LAMs Approved

Benzina Zero City

In Stock

Benzina Zero City

From $4,640
or $25 per week*
Top Speed: 45km/h
Charge Time: 7 Hours
Range: 80 km
Car Licence

Benzina Zero Sport

In Stock

Benzina Zero Sport

From $7,640
or $40 per week*
Top Speed: 75km/h
Charge Time: 9 Hours
Range: 90 km
LAMs Approved

power without emissions

Australian Electric Motor Co – Australia’s only dedicated electric motorcycle distributor. We source, import & road-approve the best electric motorcycles from around the world for use in Australia. Our parent company EEMC has been the biggest retailer of electric motorcycles in the UK market since 2018. 

We have built up valuable knowledge of servicing, maintenance & charging requirements of premium electric motorcycles. We know which brands to work with & which to avoid. 

     Next steps

  • AEMC will provide your organization with an electric motorcycle of your choice for your team to field test, along with a full demonstration of usage and charging.


  • If you are interested in solar and charging options, AEMC will perform a free evaluation and quote for your infrastructure.


  •  Based on the number of required models, and any further charging/solar solutions you may want, we will tailor a package to your needs with finance options available

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