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Everything you need to know about an electric motorcycle service in Australia


We know a huge part of owning an electric motorcycle you’re proud of is keeping it working in prime condition. Let’s face it, Australia is a pretty underdeveloped country in terms of electric vehicle infrastructure. This is already changing and the EV landscape will look very different in just a few years time. But it begs the question, how do I service my electric motorcycle? 

In this article: 
1. How does an electric motorcycle service work? 
2. Our electric motorcycle service team 
3. What if I need an electric motorcycle service on a bike AEMC doesn’t sell?



We’re very lucky to already have a great service team behind us at AEMC, and we’re actively growing our servicing network across Australia. We have first hand experience of what it’s like to buy a premium electric motorcycle and then not get the support you need from the dealership. It kind of just makes me think, “what’s the point then?”. 

We’re doing things a little bit different here at AEMC. Our aim is to really focus on the rider and make sure that your experience of owning an electric motorcycle is everything you would expect from a premium vehicle dealership. 

When you drop your bike off to us at our Burleigh Heads location you have the option to either use one of our courtesy electric motorcycles for the day, or while your bike’s being serviced or you can chill out here and use the facilities we’ve got at the shop. We’ve got co-working upstairs or an entertainment area where you can relax. We have great WiFi and our entire building runs of clean solar energy. We even have a few Surfboards for the beach which isn’t far and of course you’re welcome to test ride any of our electric motorcycles while you’re waiting for your bike to be fixed. 

How does an electric motorcycle service work?

When you drop your bike off at AEMC we take it to the workshop around the corner, where we have three technicians that work on electric motorcycle servicing. They’ve been trained by the bike manufacturers and they have all the diagnostic equipment needed to complete a thorough assessment.. 

Usually an electric motorcycle service is going to last about four hours.  Once we take it over to the workshop our diagnostic tools are run on the bike and any errors or issues with the bike are checked on the manufacturers service portal.  On the service portal we’ll be able to see if any of the elements need recalibrating like the motor or the controller. 

It’s actually pretty cool to see bikes like the Zeros when you recalibrate them. The motor kind of does this motion where it shifts itself back into the optimal position. It’s all very self-managed so you just need to trigger the program to do that. Honestly, the first time I saw it I thought it was going to auto-bots transform or something. 

Servicing electric motorcycles is quite different to petrol motorcycles, mostly because there’s a lot less moving parts on electric bikes. That being said, they still do require maintenance. You’ve got your brakes and brake pads, headlights, indicators, tyres and wheels. All sorts of normal bike elements need to be checked and serviced regularly. That being said, the brake pads are hardly worn because most of the new bikes have sophisticated regenerative braking which means riders don’t really use the brakes much at all. 

When your electric motorbike service is finished, we’ll give you a text, call or an email to let you know that the bike’s ready for collection. Once you’re back in the workshop or if you’re finished working in our upstairs area, we’ll give you an update on what servicing was required on the bike and will book you in for your next service.

A little more about our electric motorcycle service team 

We’ve got tom who used to be an electrical engineer who’s established himself as a leading bike builder in Australia, and internationally. We’ve got Jesse, a mechanic who’s a nerd for all things small engines and we’ve also got Dylan who’s a motorcycle builder and fabrication master. So we have a really talented and reliable team here in Australia.

We’ve also got access to our UK team English Electric Motor Co to lean on. Alec and Nathan are probably the two most experienced electric motorcycle servicing and repair guys in the UK.  They’ve dealt with nearly every problem that could arise in electric motorbikes. 

What if I need an electric motorcycle serviced that AEMC doesn’t sell?

Although we don’t sell all electric motorcycles we do service nearly every brand. We’ve had a variety of electric motorcycles dropped off to us in the past, from old zeros that needed to be calibrated and have some errors checked out to a CAKE OR that had taken on some heavy flood damage. You can read more about the CAKE OR repair here. As we can get in touch with the manufacturer and figure out what needs to be changed during the service.

We’ve found this to be a very useful service for electric motorcycle riders in Australia because a lot of people have bought bikes from other places and they just haven’t been able to get them worked on. We genuinely believe in the electric vehicle future of Australia and we’re doing all we can to support EV riders. Like we said earlier, we know what it’s like to have a premium dealership leave you high and dry when it comes to support, so we’re aiming on a very different model that ensures all electric motorcycle riders are supported with quality vehicle servicing. 

repaired electric motorcycle

Even though we are located in Burliegh Heads, we are developing our electric motorcycle service and dealer partners throughout Australia. We’ve got Zen Motorcycles in Sydney, Rogue Motorcycles in Perth, and Bike Works in Tasmania. We also have a number of other service and dealer partners that are popping up around the country so you’ll never be that far away from a service partner.

If you have any questions about getting your electric motorcycle serviced, get in touch or comment below. We’re here to support you and make the most of electric motorcycle ownership. 

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