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How to Maintain an Electric Motorcycle 

The basic things you need to know about maintaining an electric motorcycle


In recent months we’ve seen interest in electric motorcycles skyrocketing. And one of the most common areas of interest we get asked about after the range and cost is ‘how do I take care of it?’ 

We’ve covered this in little bits in previous articles, but we figured we’d take some time to give you a full rundown on how to care for and maintain an electric motorcycle. Now straight off the bat, we can say categorically that caring for an EV motorbike is MUCH simpler than caring for a petrol motorcycle, and much more cost effective too. Over the first few years you can save up to $3,000 in running costs alone! 

Day-to-day care

Well, not so much day-to-day. Electric motorcycles couldn’t be more set it and forget it. However, if you’re as proud of your electric baby as we are, here are the things you need to know about regular care and maintenance. 


A no brainer – keeping your bike free of dirt, rust and debris is a very important part of motorcycle care, regardless of what powers it. If regular waste gets into your engine without a regular clean it could cause problems while riding. Use a low-pressure water stream and a damp rag to clean your bike. Look over your bike carefully the first few times before you start cleaning, because you don’t want any water getting into electrical systems. 


You will have to consult the bike’s manufacturer or manual on this one – apply lubrication to major moving parts of the bike to keep them in smooth running condition. When lubrication dries up it can start to cause wear leading to problems down the road. 

Maintaining an electric motorcycle

Check the bolts

Every now and then it can’t hurt to go over the bike and check for any loose bolts, nuts, screws or anything of that nature. If you notice something has come loose, just give it a tighten. If you notice that part comes loose regularly – consult your dealer, mechanic or manufacturer. 

Tyre pressure 

If you’ve owned motorcycle’s before this should be an easy one for you. It’s one of the more important regular checks you should be performing on your bike before taking off on a ride. Watch the sides of your tyres to understand whether the pressure needs looking at and refilling. Most service stations are equipped with a pressure gauge and the tyre pressure information is usually located on the tyres themselves, if not, you will find that information in the manual. Riding your bike with inadequate tyre pressure is a really bad idea. It can lead to poor handling, skids and falls. 

Brake pads

Take a look at your brake pads every month or so just to see how they’re holding up. We shouldn’t have to stress the importance of brakes and the role they play in keeping you safe on the roads. They can easily be replaced whenever necessary by most motorcycle mechanics. 

Electric motorcycle being cleaned

Battery care

The most important electrical piece on the bike. Read the manufacturers instructions on how to charge the battery properly, because charging it improperly can end up damaging and wearing the battery out faster. Battery replacements can be expensive, so take care of the battery you have to help it last as long as possible. 


Electric motorcycles don’t have the need to replace clogged filters, clean carburettors, replace oil, spark plugs, clutches, gearboxes etc. So this dramatically reduces the amount of things that can go wrong for an electric motorcycle. This of course brings maintenance costs down, however regular servicing is still needed to keep your electric motorcycle in top running condition. An electric motorcycle servicing technician uses a connection cord unique to the brand to run a diagnostic of the bike to see if there are any internal errors that need attention. 

AEMC can provide top tier servicing from one of up to seven locations across Australia. We have joined up with electric motorcycle service partners in every Australian capital city which means that getting help for your bike is never too far away. As an added bonus, if you are within 20km of a service partner we can offer a collection and drop off service for an extra level of convenience. 

If you’re concerned about a problem you’re having with your electric motorcycle, get in touch. We may not stock your particular brand, but we do everything we can to support electric motorcycle owners in Australia – even if it’s by answering questions, or connecting you to local services. 


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