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Energica Experia Launch and Factory Tour

On a recent vacation Tobin got a full Energica experience. After the UK launch of the Experia he got to tour the factory in Modena, Italy and get some updates on the future of Energica. 


The UK launch for the Experia was held at Gridserve, a mecca of sustainable energy technology and vehicles. Tobin got to ride some of the pre-production versions and was blown away. The acceleration and speed of the Experia are incredibly impressive – despite having a smaller power output over the first three models. It may not have the raw acceleration of the Ego+ RS – but it will still leave almost every other bike on the street for dead. 


The Experia’s new and more efficient motor with a bigger battery pack is starting to match petrol motorcycles, giving riders 200 – 260 kms of highway riding and up to 400 kms of mixed, slower urban or trail riding. Tobin also got a sneak peak of the other 2 Experia models being released after the Launch Edition and they look super slick in black and white. 

We’re waiting for the online configurator tool to be updated with the new versions and the new accessory packs before we give you some more information on those. 

Energica’s Global Sales Director, Giacomo Leone recently confirmed that the Experia’s new battery and motor will form the foundation of a new range of models Energica are in the process of developing. 

Here are a few things we are hoping for the future of Energica. We know a trail version of the Experia is a no brainer. Bigger, spoked wheels and suspension fit to the adventure ready frame. The new, more efficient and lighter motor opens up a lot of possibilities for other dual purpose bikes like enduro models or scramblers. And it makes sense to address the urban/city market with something smaller and lighter. 

With a slow start to the supply of electric motorcycles in Australia, 2023 is really looking promising.

After the launch of the Experia in the UK, Tobin and English Electric Motor Co. Founder Alec head to Modena, Italy for a your of Energica HQ. Tobin had been looking forward to this since we became distributors back in 2021.

At the back of the production facility is the battery assembly area – unlike many other electric motorcycle manufacturers, Energica constructs their own battery packs. The battery assembly area is a high voltage, fenced off area where Energica takes the lithium polymer pouch cells and constructs them in 2 strings of batteries connected in parallel. 

The BMS, contactors, DC-DC converters and other parts are enclosed in the battery casing and the 100kg packs are moved to the testing area before being placed on the assembly line, ready for bike production.

The original 3 models are produced on 2 production lines which sit in the older part of the facility. The Experia models are produced on 2 new, larger dedicated lines which are in the new part of the building. Such has been the demand for the new Experia model – Energica had to expand production facilities significantly to keep up with new orders. And thankfully, production is back on track with most current orders looking to be fulfilled by the end of 2022.

Unfortunately Tobin wasn’t able to convince Alec to smile for any photos. He also couldn’t smuggle out any pics of the new Experia models or prototypes knocking around.


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