What’s Coming For Zero in 2023

Here’s a breakdown of what we know from electric moto favourite Zero in 2023. 

I can’t believe we’re already wrapping up 2022, it’s been a good year for the progression of electric motorcycles and we can already see how 2023 is shaping up. Casting ahead to next year we’re looking at the 2023 range of our favourite electric motorcycle brands, starting with Zero. 

Zero already has  some of the most exciting bikes out on the roads and their 2023 range is going to push that even further.  What we’re most excited to see, other than the new colours, are the larger batteries, meaning improved range and performance in 2023, and also the launch of their first e-ADV bike. 

The biggest news coming out of Zero for 2023, the launch of their DSR/X – what they are calling “the world’s most capable adventure electric motorcycle”. While the name might lead you to think this is just a DSR with a few extra bells and whistles, don’t be fooled. Zero created something completely new with this e-ADV model and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. When that will be in Australia is unknown – but there are rumours we’ll see this bike in Australia next year. 

The DSR/X is a completely new bike from the ground up. I guess it kind of has aesthetic elements of the SR/F and SR/S, honestly it looks like something out of the Halo games, but everything else – the motor, battery, wheels, suspension, frame and electronics have been completely redeveloped. 

And with storage space that can be converted into extra battery space, the 17.3kWh power pack can be extended out to 21kWh. At the base level this is a whopping 320km range of lower speed off-road riding and 170km of highway riding. The DSR/X has also improved AC-fast charging technology which can get you up to 95% battery charge in an hour, this is something we’re happy to see more manufacturers integrating into electric bikes. Although the choice to stick with AC charging instead of DC divides the EV community.

SR/F and SR/S were new toys back in 2020 and 2021, they show no signs of slowing down and continue to push the boundaries of what Zero’s are capable of. Similar to the new DSR/X, the SR/S and SR/F will come fully equipped with battery capacity upgrades giving you a stock power pack of 17.3 kWh, charge speed upgrades that are up to 6.6kW and a park mode. 

The other two models we’re most excited about are the new look FX and FXE. The FXE was modeled off a sick concept by Huge Moto a few years back and it is a marked improvement on the look of the FXS. The new design gets a jet black with red accents colour option giving the bike the look of an urban assault vehicle. These bikes look like they’ve been designed for stealth, and with the near silent engines, these are perfect city night riders. 

Unfortunately there’s no official word yet when we can expect to see the 2023 Zero’s in Australia, but there are strong indications that we could see Zero back in Australia next year.  AMCN seem to have the inside scoop – revealing the DSR-X is coming to Australia soon. 

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