Electric Motorcyles Coming to Australia in 2023

Here’s every new road-approved electric motorcycle available in Australia right now. Along with every disapproved electric motorcycle and every motorcycle we might see coming through this year. 

2022 was a great year for electric motorcycles in Australia – now look, we won’t lie, we expected a lot of our road approvals to come through around April-May, but we had to wait a lot longer than expected. However, that means 2023 we can hit the ground running. We’ve kept our ear to the ground all year long and here’s our break down of everything you want to know.
All prices are AUD which may have been converted from USD on their respective sites

Electric motorcycles coming to Australia in 2023 -

Super Soco TC Cafe $4,990. LAMS approved. 50 km/h top speed, 75 km range. Charge time 6.5 hours – AC level 1 charging.

Super Soco TC Max – $7,990. LAMS approved. 90 km/h top speed, 100 km range. Charge time 9 hours – AC level 1 charging.

Sur Ron Light Bee L1E $7,490. LAMS approved. 50 km/h top speed (restricted), 50 km range. Charge time 4 hours – AC level 1 charging.

Sur Ron Storm Bee Enduro $14,490. 110 km/h top speed, 75 km range. Charge time 4 hours – AC level 1 charging. 

Kollter ES1-Pro $8,990. 100 km/h top speed, 130 km range. Charge time 5 hours – AC Level 1 charging. 

Vaya Hurricane/Supernova $12,790. LAMS approved. 120 km/h top speed, 120 km range. Charge time 4 hours – AC level 1 charging

Vaya Z8 $13,190. LAMS approved. 120 km/h top speed, 120 km range. Charge time 4 hours – AC level 1 charging

Zero FX/FXS $25,295. 137 km/h top speed, 110km range. Charge time 4 hours – AC Level 1 charging X 2.

Zero S/DS/DSR from $29,395. 160 km/h top speed, 200 km range. Charge time 6 hours – AC level 2 charging.

Zero SR/F Premium $41,295. 200 km/h top speed, 200 km range. Charge time 1-2 hours – AC level 2 charging.

Zero SR/S Premium $41,795. 200 km/h top speed, 200 km range. Charge time 1-2 hours – AC level 2 charging.

All of the Australian Zero models are available here

Energica EsseEsse9+ from $45,167. 200 km/h top speed, 240 km range. Charge time 1 hour – DC level 3 charging. 

Energica Ribelle from $50,914. 200 km/h top speed. 230 km range. Charge time 1 hour – DC Level 3 charging.

Energica Ribelle RS from $51,655. 240 km/h top speed. 240 km range. Charge time 1 hour – DC Level 3 charging.

Energica Experia from $47,408. 180 km/h, 300 km range. Charge time 1 hour – DC level 3 charging. 

Electric motorcycles no longer available

New bikes that are no longer available in Australia

Evoke Urban $16,000.

Livewire S2 Del Mar $26,000.

Zero SR $36,000.

Brammo Empulse $38,000

Harley Davidson LiveWire $52,000

Yes sadly for 1 reason or another the bikes above are not currently available in Australia. We’re hoping that’s temporary for most of them but we have no inside information if/when they will be back. We know Brammo are dead and so is the parent company that purchased them – Victory. So they’re definitely not coming back. LiveWire are now a separate entity to Harley Davidson, but it is unclear where they will be distributed. Most Harley dealers were unwilling to install the charging infrastructure required to sell LiveWires so unless that changes – it doesn’t look like the LiveWire1 or S2 Del Mar will be available through Harley dealers in Australia. There are rumours Zero may return to Australia – so the new SR may well make its way back here – it’s now the base model variant of the SR/F which makes it a few thousand dollars cheaper. As an owner of one of the original SR’s when Zero was in Australia – we can attest to how good that bike has been and even after 7 years it’s still a great bike with over 90% of battery capacity still remaining. Finally – Evoke have temporarily suspended sales in Australia. The distributors say the Urban and Urban S models will be back soon. They have proved popular with commuters in Australia. 


New electric motorcycles you can pre-order but delivery date is not yet confirmed

Sonders Metacycle $9,400. 

Kolter RS1 $16,990

Savic C-Series $20,000 – $27,000

Evoke 6061 from $36,000

Damon HyperFighter $27,000 – $50,000

Damon HyperSport $27,000 – $57,000

here’s a lot of hype around these and at least a third of the calls we get at AEMC are about one of these bikes. Damon has heritage – the founders came from Alta which was arguably the first performance electric motorcycle manufacturer before their untimely demise. Damon is ramping up production in USA and Canada which means they should be delivering their first 100 customer bikes in 2023. Rumours suggest they have pre-sold over 2,000 bikes globally so they’ve got a long way to go to match supply to demand but there’s also thousands of hoops to jump through for each market in terms of road approvals. We’re hoping Damon prioritise the AU/NZ markets and we’re discussing the possibility of representing them here. Kolter do have a distributor in Australia – Eozzie but the RS1 is not available yet and we’re not sure if it’s road approved. But you can pre-order it on the Eozzie website so it all must be being worked on right now. Savic’s C-Series has had a decent number of pre-orders in Australia – they are currently scaling up production and hoping to deliver the first batch of customer orders in 2023. Any pre-orders made now will be scheduled for production and delivery in 2024 or 2025 depending on how large the queue is and how quickly their production scales up. 


Evoke’s 6061 model is also available to preorder on Evoke’s website and it has some seriously impressive stats. It may also be the first real electric cruiser we’ve seen – which is a segment that has been asking for an electric bike with good range and power. No word on when that model will be available here though. Finally Sondors Metacycle. This thing really got the world’s attention when the concept was released back in 2020. Sondors have made it to full scale production but they have lost some of the cool features on the prototype. This seems to have been due to a combination of practicality and road requirements. Either way the first US customers have their bikes and overall seem to be pretty happy. Sondors have raised prices but demand still appears to be strong. The problem any distributor is going to have with this bike in Australia or NZ is the margins – Sondors sells direct to consumer to keep costs down. That works for non-road bikes that don’t need local approvals and representation for things like product recalls or warranty work. But with such a low priced bike and no margin for distributors/dealers – it’s hard to see who is going to foot the cost of getting these bikes into this market and getting them approved for road use. The process is of course much more simple for NZ where almost any imported motorcycle can be approved within a day – but there’s a big outlay getting those bikes to NZ which you don’t mind doing on an expensive bike with a high resale value. It’s harder to justify on a cheaper bike with an unknown resale value.


New electric motorcycles we hope are coming to Australia in 2023 that will be road-approved (estimated prices):

LAND District $16,000

Switch Scrambler $17,000

RGNT Scrambler $18,000

Zero FXE $25,000

Zero DSR/X $43,000

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