Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2024

We’ve seen improvements year on year for kids electric dirt bikes. Better technology, more control and advanced safety features, here’s our updated list on the best electric dirt bikes for kids that are available in Australia 2024. 


I grew up in rural South East Queensland on a little piece of land called Jimboomba. My whole family were really into dirt bikes at one point, even my mother and my sister. 


Credit: Takani

Now that I’ve been working with the Australian Electric Motor Co. I’m so stoked and kind of jealous of the next generation of rural kids discovering the epic fun of a dirt bike riding weekend and the new wave of electric dirt bikes that are available for kids. 


Why electric dirt bikes for kids over gas bikes?

Electric dirt bikes make a whole lot more sense if you’re thinking about buying your kids first bike, or even a replacement for the bike they’re rapidly out growing. I can’t tell you the amount of time my father and brother spent out in the garage taking apart engines, replacing parts and fixing whatever needed work. 


I was lucky enough they had a good understanding of small engine mechanics, I couldn’t even imagine the maintenance costs if they weren’t so experienced. And even though kids dirt bikes don’t take much to fuel, petrol is another cost you have to factor in – not to mention the safety factory. It isn’t exactly something you really want groms handling next to hot engines.

One of the best things about kids electric dirt bikes is they are ‘set it and forget it’ type of bikes. They take no more maintenance than a bicycle because there is so much less that can go wrong in an electric drive train vs an internal combustion engine.

Oh and the real bonus electric dirt bikes have over gas bikes… noise. Electric dirt bike engines make a much quieter winding sound which is generated from the motor, the belt/chain and the tyre hitting the dirt. Think of a louder remote control car. No pissing off the neighbours at indecent hours because there’s a two stroke engine blaring. Noise was one of the biggest complaints we got from our neighbours growing up. We had a strict time window when we were allowed to ride on weekends. If we had electric bikes I guarantee we would have been out of there at sun up, and only come back to recharge and eat. 

One more thing to keep in mind is that the nature of electric motorcycle technology means the motorbikes can be a lot more powerful. The speed and torque on these things have been turned up high which can be very dangerous off road. Use this is an opportunity to teach your kids about safe riding, how to find their limits and getting some mentoring. Or you can restrict the power available on the ride maps available for your kids to select.

Here is our list of electric dirt bikes for kids that are currently available in Australia. This list contains a mix of mini bikes for younger kids, and bigger bikes for teens.


Credit: OSET facebook


The Torrot range of children’s motorcycles has been completely renewed. New models that sport a removable battery and update their image so as to continue being the best formula of initiation of the youngest riders to the world of two wheels. There are hobbies that are transmitted from parents to children, from grandparents to grandchildren, creating invisible links between members of a family, united by the same passion: motorcycles. Our aim is to take care of the next generation of riders.

young boy riding electric motorcycle

Torrot have really come through over the last year with a completely renewed range of kids electric dirt bikes. They aren’t a new player in the automotive industry though, its history reaches all the way back to 1948.

Their latest range of electric motorcycles got us pretty excited for a few key reasons. One of the most impressive features on this new range from Torro is the removable battery – something we hope to see adopted across the electric motorcycle industry. No more waiting time for charging, simply swap out the batteries and then get back on the track. 

Torrot really took into consideration not only what’s important to create a super fun electric dirt bike for kids, but what’s important for parents. Ease of use, reliability, compact design and safety. With bluetooth app controls available, parents are in control of their kids bikes. With a swipe and a tap you can reduce the power, increase the throttle response and a wealth of other settings. 

The models available with Torrot range from pee-wee size to competition bikes so they are an awesome brand to investigate if you’re looking to get your kid an electric bike. 



Light weight, ergonomic and the perfect bike to introduce your kid to riding. Stacyc bikes are designed with atraumatic shapes which encourage proper body and foot positioning when standing. This helps teach children the correct riding posture from an early age. These bikes are designed to help kids develop their balance and coordination skills, preparing them for a future on the track. 

The Stacyc bikes read more like electric bicycles than dirt bikes, but the off-road tyres, suspension and handling capabilities would make these bikes a perfect urban/semi-rural run around bike. Similar to the Torrot, the Stacyc bikes come in a range of sizes that would suit any young rider and are pretty easily available in Australia.  


Stark VARG 

These things have taken Australia by storm, and these aren’t your average burn around dirt bike. The bike that Stark VARG has built is posed to stand above anything currently available in the motocross market. We’ve been field testing these bikes in Australia, and they have been getting the same reaction from riders across the world, “whoa, I want one”. 

The VARG is for a rider that’s serious about their motocross, and looking for a bike that can perform anything they see in their minds, because now you have the power to do it. 

electric dirt bike
Stark VARG Motocross Bike

This Spanish manufacturer has been redefining what’s possible when state-of-the-art EV engineering and pure dirt bike fun come together. The two models of the Stark VARG separate into a 60HP and 80HP model, with the 80HP model giving you up to 30% more power than the top performing 450CC gas powered dirt bike. 



The adult electric motorcycles by KTM had a limited run in Australia, we’re hoping they will be back soon, but there is still plenty on offer for young riders. These are probably the most accessible electric dirt bikes for kids because of the amount of dealerships KTM has around the country.

Credit: KTM

KTM has three electric dirt bikes on offer in a mini-cross style, the SX-E 3 and the slightly more powerful SX-E 5. There are also two balance bikes available through KTM if trials is the way you want to go.

The SX-E 3 is perfect for those grass roots level riders just getting started in their mini-cross obsession. It is the lower end of the mini-cross dirt bike KTM offers, the SX-E 5 being the more advanced in power and capacity. Like the OSET’s the KTM’s come built in with a number of safety features and ride modes that make them a great offering for young and inexperienced riders.

2024 will see the introduction of a the SX-E 2, an exciting new bike designed for the little ones ready to get out on the track and take the next step up from their mini bike. 

Even though we mentioned that electric motorcycles don’t need much maintenance or repairs, one of the benefits of having a KTM bike is that because the brand is so established in Australia with a number of dealerships and repair centers, if something does go wrong it’s much easier to access the right mechanics.


The home grown heroes on this list. Takani are a family owned Australian brand that were developed in the Samford Valley, not too far out of Brisbane. What we like about these bikes is that they are built for the kids who love to get out and have fun on weekends. A lot of the electric dirt bikes for kids can either look like big glorified toys or are geared toward the racing market – meaning power and speed are the focus. Over 30 years Takani developed their bikes for Australian kids and their two dirt bike options are pretty awesome.

Electric Motorcycles for Kids by Takani
Credit: Takani

Their two electric bikes, the TK1412-15 and the TK1210-13 are a great option for your teenage riders, 13-16 minimum. The top speed on these bikes reach between 30-40km/h, with no noise, no pollution and no home mechanic skills required. These electric dirt bikes also come in at the lower end of the price tag, the higher range TK1413-15 sells for $1,999. Not too bad for a modern electric dirt bike.

My heart goes out to Takani because they’re local manufacturers who are building bikes for the kids in areas I grew up in. Tried and tested on rural Queensland properties without pissing off the neighbours due to noise.



It goes without saying, dirt bikes aren’t toys you can leave kids unsupervised with. Dangerous riding and reckless behaviour result in crashes and serious injuries, I’ve witnessed this first hand. As funny as it was watching my brother lose his mind and talking gibberish with a green morphine whistle in his mouth – the bone sticking out of his ankle wasn’t. Take the time to either teach your kids safe riding practices or get them involved in a social group with mentors who can teach this sort of stuff.

Australia is lucky enough to have a pretty good extreme sports culture, so if you look around on Google, Facebook or event meet up sites, you should be able to find a local MotoX group that will be able to give your kid some pointers. And of course, safety equipment – helmet, chest plates, boots, the works. Don’t skimp when it comes to protective gear. 

Which of these electric dirt bikes do you think your kids would like? Or which bike do you think would have liked a go at? There’s a part of me that’s a little jealous of all the options available for young riders today, zero pollution, no noise and advanced riding features, it’s a brave new world and we’re excited to see what comes next for electric dirt bikes for kids.

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