Zero  Motorcycles are back in Australia !

A New Era for electric bikes down under as Zero Motorcycles, the OG of electric bike brands, makes its comeback to the land Down Under. Teaming up with the renowned motorcycle retailer, Peter Stevens Motorcycles, Zero Motorcycles is all set to redefine the two-wheeler market with its cutting-edge 2024 EV range, available exclusively through Australian Electric Motor Co in QLD. 2024 Zero Motorcycles are available from Peter Stevens dealerships in other States.


As you probably know – Zero Motorcycles isn’t new to Australia. Back in 2010, they introduced the S, FXS and DS dual-sport models when electric bikes were still a novelty. However, despite the early interest, the brand faced challenges in gaining traction among the Australian motorcycling community and withdrew in 2012. Attempts to re-enter the market in subsequent years faced similar hurdles.


The Comeback – this time, things are different. Zero Motorcycles arrives with a revamped strategy and an impressive lineup. With over a decade of development, Zero has solidified its position as a the biggest manufacturer of premium electric motorcycles globally. Moreover, partnering with Peter Stevens Motorcycles, a stalwart in the Australian motorcycling scene, and exclusively available through Australian Electric Motor Co in QLD, provides a strong foundation for their re-entry.


The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the rising demand for electric vehicles and the expansion of charging infrastructure across Australia, Zero Motorcycles aims to capture the growing market. Adrian O’Donoughue, Director of International Expansion at Zero Motorcycles, highlights the synergy between Zero’s innovative products and Australia’s evolving electric vehicle landscape.

The Lineup!

Zero Motorcycles brings an impressive array of models to Australian shores, exclusively available through Australian Electric Motor Co. From the versatile dual-sport models like DSR/X, DSR, DS, and FX to the sleek street models including SR/S, SR-F, SR, S, and FXE, there’s something for every rider. The arrival of these bikes heralds a new era of performance, sustainability, and innovation in the Australian motorcycle market.

Experience the Future Today! 

Enthusiasts won’t have to wait long to experience the thrill of riding Zero Motorcycles. Australian Electric Motor Co now offers exclusive test rides for these electric wonders. Book your test ride today to experience the seamless blend of power and sustainability that Zero Motorcycles offer. Book your test ride here:


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