Switch eScrambler Launch Edition

Switch eScrambler Launch Edition

The Switch eScrambler LAUNCH EDITION is the world's first mid-drive electric scrambler priced under $20,000.

This game-changing model is going to shake up the motorcycle industry with its advanced technology, stunning design features & high-end quality. Helping riders make passion & sustainability meet. There are plenty of electric road motorcycles on the market, but no-one has been able to put a premium electric motorcycle with a mid drive motor in a competitive price bracket to compete with equivalent petrol bikes. The Switch eScrambler LAUNCH EDITION changes all that. Power, style, efficiency & low-maintenance at a price point that most riders can reach.

What's so good about the Switch eScrambler?

At AEMC we've been scouring all of the latest electric motorcycles in production and being prototyped to find a bike that looks the part, performs like a premium electric motorcycle with high quality components and is priced at a level that is accessible to most riders. Until now - we haven't been able to find a bike that ticks all of those boxes. The only sub $20,000 electric motorcycles we've had in Australia have been Chinese hub wheel motor models with questionable quality, little warranty support and sub par performance levels. Enter the Switch eScrambler! The brainchild of some talented custom bike builders from NZ based in Shanghai. The Switch team saw the demand for electric motorcycles first hand in Shanghai but they also experienced the poor quality and lack of support. So they built their own prototype from high end parts to compete. 3 years later and multiple prototypes later - the Switch eScrambler LAUNCH EDITION is ready for production and features premium quality and performance at mid-market prices. 3 power settings mean the eScrambler is multiple bikes ‘in one’ with ride maps allowing you to set the bike up as a serene 125 CC poodler or a 600 CC street beast.

A powerful 50kW air-cooled mid drive motor for unparalleled street performance

A class leading powertrain with 70hp of linear power at your fingertips making this one of the fastest street bikes off the line

High grade aluminium frame & components meaning a light & strong chassis that can handle the wear & tear of every day commuting but also has the performance a sports bike

Scandinavian design that prioritizes ergonomics, comfort, and performance

A ‘ride anywhere, anytime’ concept thanks to low maintenance, zero emissions and no noise

Top Speed (KMH)
Charge Time (HR)
Range (KM)
Seat Height (MM)
Weight (KG)

Beautiful Battery Power

The Switch eScrambler Launch Edition contains a 13kWh battery pack which yields 250kms of urban riding or 150kms of highway riding. Fully re-charge in 4 hours using type 2 AC offboard charging. Type 2 AC onboard charging will be available as a optional extra soon. Using a patent-pending lightweight aluminium forged case, the Korean made battery pack is both a piece of art & a powerful energy source, achieving efficient air-cooling and a great power-to-weight ratio.

Switch Escrambler 5
eScrambler 1

The ultimate urban scrambler

At 170kg with 70 HP the Switch eScrambler packs a lot of punch for a mid-weight street bike with unrivalled off the line speed. 0 - 100 KM/H in 3.6 seconds & heaps of linear power available at any RPM - the eScrambler looks like a classic custom but has the performance to match most sports bikes. The 50kW air-cooled motor and carbon fibre belt drive create an almost silent drive train. Ride anywhere in the city or on the dirt without disturbing anyone.

Less maintenance more fun

The Switch eScrambler's near-silent motor means you can ride anywhere, anytime, allowing you to reinvent the possibilities of on and off-road riding. Better for the environment and easier to maintain: With zero emissions and no regular oil changes, the Switch eScrambler requires very little maintenance. The sealed motor and battery pack mean you can just focus on riding. Cheaper to own & less time wasted: No fuel, less spare parts, less time wasted maintaining your bike, more time to ride.

Switch Escrambler 11

* range varies depending on urban or motorway riding

** charging time is based on max accessory chargers

Switch Escrambler

Switch eScrambler Launch Edition

  • Eligible for AEMC Servicing network
  • All motorcycles come with 3-warranty/50,000km  
  • 1c per 1km (depending on energy provider)
  • Part Exchange and Financing Available
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Ready to order now 
  • *Subject to credit checks and approval

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Bike Specifications

Switch eScrambler Launch Edition
0-60 (seconds):
Charge Time (Slow) (95%):
8 Hours
Fast Charge (95%):
4 Hours
Range (KM):
160 km
Battery Capacity:
13 kWh
Top Speed (km/h):
150 km/h
Weight (KG):
170 KG
Seat Height:
850 mm
R License
In Stock
Switch Escrambler

Switch eScrambler Launch Edition

From $19,995
or $110 per week*
Top Speed: 150km/h
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Range: 160 km
R License
In Stock

Energica Experia Base Model

From $47,408
or $230 per week*
Top Speed: 180km/h
Charge Time: 1 Hours
Range: 256 km
R License
In Stock

Benzina Zero Sport

From $7,640
or $40 per week*
Top Speed: 75km/h
Charge Time: 9 Hours
Range: 90 km
LAMs Approved

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