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We Buy Electric/combustion Motorcycles


Is it your time to move to an electric motorcycle but you need to shift your old motorcycle first? AEMC offer a part-exchange deal to get you moving as fast as we can.

Get in contact and find out how we can help you on your move onto an electric motorcycle!

Part Exchange

Take a photo

We ideally need a minimum of x4 photos (both sides, front and back) of the bike of a decent quality. Off of a phone is fine but preferably in daylight and dry conditions! Any damage, scratches marks should be photographed and also sent over with the valuation form.

Fill Out The Form

Along with the photos we will need a very brief overview of the bike in question. All our questions are listed in the valuation form which you can fill in below. Remember please be as honest as possible as we reserve the right to change the valuation if the bike turns up at the workshop not as described!

We'll Give You A Value

Once we have the aforementioned we can then either consult our underwriters who buy our ICE motorcycles or if its pre owned electric then we value the bike based on the photos and valuation form and will get back to you with a figure.

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