What Happens When You Order an Energica Motorcycle in Australia or NZ? 

To take away any and all guesswork involved in buying an Energica electric motorcycle, we’ve broken down every step involved – from test ride, right through to home delivery.


These hand-assembled Italian masterpieces are made to order – Using the Energica configurator on their website you’re able to design your new electric motorcycle to suit your specific needs. Once you’ve finished designing your motorcycle, submit to us or one of our local dealer partners. From there we send you a quote with deposit instructions if you wish to proceed. Once we have received your deposit – we reserve your build spot with Energica.

Currently most models take about 2 months to produce – although the Experia still has a bit of an order backlog. Once your bike is ready – Energica send us a photo of it rolling off the production line and we collect the remaining amount due – either from you the customer or your finance partner like Mitchcap.

Energica electric motorcycle arrives in Australia

We then schedule your bike to be shipped inside the metal crates you see above – along with up to 26 other Energica electric motorcycles. We only ship these motorcycles in full containers to avoid handling damage and make fumigation simpler. This means we only receive 3 shipments of Energicas per year – arriving in February, June and November. Depending on when you place your order – your bike will be on one of those shipments. 


OK so your bike has landed in Brisbane Port – what happens next?
Well we share the VTA documentation with customs and pay the import fees plus GST. At the moment electric motorcycles have a 5% customs duty which we are hoping will be removed later this year as it has been for electric cars and bikes. Once through customs – our container reaches the AEMC shop where it is unloaded and each bike crate is disassembled carefully. We thoroughly inspect each and every bike during the unboxing to ensure your pride and joy is unblemished. Each bike then goes down to our workshop for a full PDI, software update and short test ride to ensure it’s working perfectly. We also slow AC charge each bike to 100% to ensure the battery pack is balanced and ready for fast-charging.

Any accessories or optional extras are fitted to your bike (apart from keyless start, heated handgrips and Ohlins suspension which are fitted at the factory). While all of this is going on – we submit your VIN to NEVDIS, then RAV to ensure it shows up on your State Roads Department so it can be registered. For QLD customers we go ahead and register the Energicas so they are ready to go. Our dealer partners do this for customers in NSW, NZ, TAS and WA. Then we either have you come to our shop to collect your bike or send the bike to your home with our bike courier Bike Logistics.

For any bikes going to our dealer partners – they complete the PDI and accessory fittings at their workshop. The above 4 bikes headed to our dealer partners in Sydney and Hobart. 

When you collect your Energica from us or one of our dealers – you’ll be shown around the bike – we’ll check your original order against the delivered bike. We’ll go through the basic operating instructions and all of your welcome kit. For local customers we will try to schedule your first 1,000 km service. You can read more about electric motorcycle servicing here. For those further afield – we’ll share the instructions on how to complete this service yourself. Then you’re ready to go! And the wait was worth every second. 

Customer picking up his Energica electric motorcycle

Here’s Brett picking up his Experia last month. Brett sent us an update after a few weeks saying that he was seeing a highway range of around 300 KMs using the bike for his commute in North Brisbane. Even more on country roads like Mt Glorious. We’re stoked that he’s demonstrator what a game-changer the Experia model is. 

Hopefully this has helped answer some of your questions around ordering an Energica Motorcycle in Australia. If you have any more questions about the ordering process, feel free to comment below and we’ll do our best to answer.

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