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Full Range Of Energica Motorcycles Are Now In Australia

We are very excited to announce that after months and months of waiting, that the full range of Energica motorcycles are now in Australia!

Last week we had an Energica EsseEsse9 and Ego arrive from Italy, and with our Eva Ribelle currently away for road approvals, that means we now have a full range of Energica Motorcycles landed in the country. Made in the Moderna valley, the centre of the Italian motor industry, Energica have produced some of the most incredible electric motorcycles to date in terms of power, range and technology.

As we mentioned above, the Eva Ribelle is currently going through Australian road approvals making them legal to drive on Australian roads. This is a hurdle that many electric motorcycle brands are facing when coming in to Australia as there is a very slow moving process to getting these bikes approved for Australian riders.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Energica models that are now in Australia.

Energica Ego 

The Energica EGO is one of the worlds most powerful electric motorcycles.

It burst on the scene at EICMA in 2013. It was then a culmination of years of electric racing competition, with numerous victories including the 2010 TTXGP European Championship and runner-up for the 2011 TTXGP World Championship.

Dorna has selected Energica to be single manufacturer for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup until 2022. As a result, there has been an intensive technical development at the highest possible level for performance and sophistication against any electric motorcycle in the world. This approach means that the immense power and acceleration Energica give you is tempered by safety features, rider-aid technology, and real-world reliability that brings our racing experience to your local roads in a considered and genuinely appropriate way.

More info on the Energica Ego here

Quick Stats

Top Speed 241km/h
Charge Time 1 hour
Range 161km
Seat Height 810mm
Weight 258kg

Energica Eva Ribelle RS

More power, more torque, more range, more excitement – with less carbon.

The Energica EVA Ribelle is the naked version of the Energica EGO, with the same torque, power, acceleration and range; the only key differences being the riding position and top speed.
If you want a true electric street-fighter, aggressive with an urban mojo, or an assertive-yet-upright riding position instead of the typical track day crouch, choose the EVA Ribelle. Like its cousin the EVA EsseEsse9, the EVA Ribelle easily transforms into a long-distance sport-touring bike with the simple addition of side panniers, windshield and tank bag.

The Energica EVA Ribelle has the same linear 215 Nm – 159 lb-ft torque as the EGO, the same 21.5 kWh long-range lithium-ion battery with up to 400 km – 249 miles of city range, the same suspension and performance options, and all the technological amenities. Not enough? Opt for the “RS Version” for even more off-the-line velocity. It’s the only electric naked bike with DC Fast Charge, filling up almost 7 km (over 5 miles) urban range for every minute spent DC Charging – faster by at least 82% than any other electric bike.

More info on the Energica Eva Ribelle here

Quick Stats

Top Speed 201km/h
Charge Time 1 hour
Range 246km
Seat Height 790mm
Weight 260kg

Energica EsseEsse9

The ultimate electric touring bike

The EVA EsseEsse9 was inspired by the modern designation of Via Emilia, the major highway that crosses the Italian Motor Valley, the equivalent in a way to America’s Route 66. Via Emilia is one of the earliest Italian roads, built by the Roman consul Marco Emilio Lepido in 187 BC to connect Rimini on the Adriatic coast to Piacenza in the northern foothills of the Italian Alps.

You might say that the Italian tradition of combining beautiful design with practical engineering goes back a long, long way. Yet this beauty is merely a skin for the beast that lurks beneath. The classic bench seat and relaxed riding position makes the EVA EsseEsse9 ideal for two-up riding and it’s the preferred choice for long-distance electric wanderers the world over.

More info on the Energica EsseEsse9 here

Quick stats

Top Speed 201km/h
Charge Time 1 hour
Range 160km
Seat Height 795mm
Weight 270kg

If you want to be one of the first people in Australia to test ride the full range of Energica electric motorcycles, make sure you are subscribed to the AEMC newsletter where we will be announcing when test rides are available.

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