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Stark VARG Now Available At Australian Electric Motor Co. 

The worlds most powerful motocross bike, the Stark VARG is now available at Australian Electric Motor Co.

We are stoked to announce that AEMC has become an official dealer of Stark Future Motorcycles. Their electric motorbike, the Stark VARG has already planted itself as the most powerful motocross bike in the world. 

This motocross machine has quickly become one of the most in demand electric motorcycles across the planet and we are starting to find out why – with zero CO2 emissions, incredible power, near silent riding and requiring no more maintenance than a bicycle.

The Stark VARG comes with a number of unique innovations that make this absolute weapon of a motorcycle so much fun to ride. With 30% more power than a traditional four-stroke 450CC dirt bike, the VARG delivers 80hp at peak performance, complemented by 938Nm of torque on the rear wheel. If you’re anything like us, you see all those stats and you just think one thing… ‘fun’

Where we often see traditional gas bikes out do their electric counterparts is range, not with the Stark VARG. The VARG offers a range similar to that of a 450cc with a full tank of fuel, giving riders up to 6 hours of easy trail riding. And with their battery innovations, you can charge the VARG’s battery in 1-2 hours depending on the outlet. 

Stark Future set out with the mission of creating THE most powerful motocross bike in the world, and to outperform all its gas counterparts in every single way – they have definitely achieved that. Designing their bikes from the ground up to optimise every part, the VARG is the ultimate meeting of form, function and fun. 

Building on their technological advancements, with the tap of an app you have access to over 100 ride modes, with five actively installed on the bike at any time. This allows you to tweak the exact settings of the power curve, engine braking, traction control and the unique virtual flywheel. Accessed from your iOS or Android device, plant your smartphone in the dash and you have full control of your bike and your riding. 

You can pre-order the Stark VARG from the Australian Electric Motor Co now, and later in the year we will have demonstrator bikes available for test rides – so stay tuned for that announcement! 

If you have any questions about ordering a Stark VARG get in touch. Or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with all the announcements on our electric bikes as it happens. 

More info on the Stark Varg here

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