How To Charge Zero SR/S

The 2021 Zero SR/S is our favourite model yet to come from Zero. 

The Zero SR/S is basically the same bike as the SR/F, except this model has more of a sports fairing look. The 14.4 kW/h battery can be charged with level two charging, and this model doesn’t come with the additional 6 kW charge tank. 


the Z-force clutchless drive motor gives you about 200 km of combined riding range, which would drop to 160 km on the highway and you may even get up to 300 km if you’re riding it pretty slowly around the city


The SR/S premium, which is the model we have at the AEMC shop, features the upgraded TFT screen, it has the bluetooth connectivity and a few more advancements over the older model Zeros.


One of the features we love about this bike is the lights, Zero has done a really good job in creating really beautiful lighting around the bike.


The SR/S comes with three seat heights, similar to the the SR/F. Giving you different options depending on the size of the rider, making for a more comfortable ride. They’re pretty easy to change. You just use the key to unlock the top section of the seat and then use an Alan key just to remove the whole section of the seat.

The SR/S premium has two options for charging. You can do level 2 with an AC fast charger like this.

Or you can use a standard wall outlet with  type 2 connector on the end. 


For level 2 charging, the charging cable inserts to the port just behind the tank into a waterproof area. Once you’ve plugged it in, the charger locks so nobody can just come and pull it out. The only way to unplug the charger is to put your keys into the ignition. 


Once you plug the charging cable in, you will hear the on-board charger kicking in. That noise you hear is just the temperature control for the battery. 


The SR/S can charge an additional 6 kW/h because of the built in charge tank, which gives you the ability to use AC charging. If you have an AC fast charger, you can charge up to 22 kW an hour depending on your connection to the grid. Level 2 charging will take you to a full battery in about 2 hours. 


If you’re charging at home, you most likely won’t have access to an AC fast charger, which means you will need to use level 1 charging, which is your standard wall outlet plug. Level one charging will allow you to charge maximum 2.5-3 kW an hour, so a big bike like the SR/S will most likely take over night to charge. 

 If you want to charge the SR/S quickly on the go, you’re going to have to use an AC fast charger. As we already mentioned, this bike does not have the additional second six kilowatt charge tank built into the top; here it has a storage space instead. If you were to put the charge tank in there they retail for about four thousand dollars Australian and it will cut your charging time in half so you’ll charge this bike in 1 to 2 hours. 


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