How to charge the Zero S

This article will run you through how to charge the 2021 Zero S along with some more details about how the bike functions and some of its features. 


The Zero S has a really powerful 14.4 kWh lithium-ion battery which will give you a maximum highway riding range of 350 kms, this will drop to about 180 kms of city riding. 


This model uses level 1 charging, which draws power from your standard 10 Amp power points – the same kind you charge your phone from. These bikes use what we call a jug or IEC cord, they’re a type 1 charging cord you will receive when you buy the bike. 


The charging port for this bike is located on the left hand side of the bike about half way down. You will see the port covered by rubber plugs you have to remove to access charging. 


Using this kind of power supply to charge the Zero S can take up to four hours to get a full charge from empty. 


To cut charging time down, you do have the option of getting a Delta fast charging tank. These are available either from Zero, or the Australian Electric Motor Co. With a Delta fast charging tank you can charge your bike from two separate power outlets. It’s critically important that you don’t plug them in to power sockets side by side. Use the JUG cord and the Delta charging tank drawing power from separate power outlets. 


The charging port for the Delta tank is a little hidden. Behind the rear sprocket you will see a waterproof charging port, you might have to shine a light in and feel around for it the first time you go looking. 


Once you attach the Delta charge tank you can cut the charging time down to about an hour and 45 minutes. 

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