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How To Charge Zero FX/S

This will take you through the 2021 Zero FX/S – more about it, and how charging works. 

This bike varies a little from the current 2022 model as it has a hot swappable 3.6 or 7.2 kW/h battery.


This little bike is as much fun to look at as it is to ride with a slimmed down body style and smaller wheels, it’s designed to go quick and get you where you want to go.


The 7.2 kW/h battery drives the Z-Force engine it’s comprised of Bosch anti-lock brakes and it also gives you up to nine inches of travel in the rear shock designed from aircraft grade aluminum. The FX/S is driven by a carbon fiber belt rather than a chain and houses the older style LCD display.


The max speed on this one is 137 km/h driven at 27 horsepower. The range is approximately 160 kilometers in the city but likely closer to about 100km on the highway. In a real world riding scenario you’re likely to get 100 kms out of one charge on this 7.2 kilowatt hour battery. 


The onboard controller feeds the battery at 650 Watts, meaning this thing can be fully charged in just over 9 hours on a standard level 1 wall outlet. You could cut your charge time by more than half with the addition of a quick charger accessory. On this model up to two quick Chargers can be run simultaneously. However, be sure to use two separate power outlets when doing so.


The standard charging socket for this bike can be found on the right hand side just behind the fork. Simply remove the rubber stopper and you can insert your jug cable to begin charging. 


To access the fast charging port simply pull back the weather protecting rubber skin and expose the Henderson cable.


If you have any more questions about your FX/S, charging or otherwise comment below or get in touch.

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