How To Charge Zero DS and DSR

This guide will walk you through how to charge the 2021 Zero DS and DSR models


These two bikes are pretty similar with some minor differences. The DSR offers slightly more in terms of accessory packages, as well as a slightly higher power output than the DS. However, they are both based off the same chassis and utilize the same 14.4 kW/h battery. 


These bikes offer a top speed of 163 km/h pushing you with a 70 horse power engine. The combined city and highway mileage will give you an estimated 122 km of riding range. 


The upper tier model of the DSR is the Black Forest model, which offers aluminum panniers as well as various off road adventure accessories. 


The DS model is very similar to the Zero S model, as it offers the same outlet jug style port on the side of the bake. This low power plug will have you fully charged in just under 10 hours. If you have the additional fast charging accessory, this will cut your charging time in half. 


The DSR Black Forest comes with a 6 kW/h charging tank as standard, but you can also have a charge tank installed on the DSR as an optional extra. 


In addition to the jug style wall charging, these Zero models also offer level 2 charging which can be found at the top of the bike. 


The additional charge tanks on these two bikes significantly cut down the charge time by using a level 2 charger, giving you a full battery within two hours. 


If you want to use a level 2 fast charger on this bike you simply connect it to the charging port, easily located at the top of the tank. This will allow you a 6 kilowatt hour charge in addition to your jug style wall outlet charging.


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