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Everything You Want To Know About The Energica Experia

Here’s our break down and everything you want to know about the launch of the new Energica Experia.

Last week we were pretty thrilled about the launch of the Energica Experia, the first model in a new generation of electric motorcycles from Energica and something we have been asking for – a full electric adventure tourer. 

The Energica Motor Company have been a pioneer in electric motorcycles for years now, constantly raising the bar and expanding the capabilities of what electric motorcycles are capable of through the Moto E Race Series. Last year they made the controversial decision to give up the rights to be the sole supplier of motorcycles to Moto E (which Ducati picked up the rights for the next 4 years for).

The reason they moved their focus away from Moto E was to take their learnings and excellent production into new market segments and develop new bikes. This was backed up by the 70% majority purchase of Energica Shares by Ideanomics in USA – an investment group focused on Electric Vehicles. Energica’s new Experia model is the first of these newly developed vehicles aimed at hitting more motorcycle rider segments and set to carry on Energica’s excellent reputation. We’re here to break down the details of the new Experia model for you. 

In this article we’ll go into…

  1. An Energica Experia deep dive
  2. The Experia’s important specs
  3. When we can expect to see them in Australia.
  4. Where you can get your hands on them and,
  5. How much will they cost 

Energica Experia Deep Dive 

But first – a little culture. Inspiration for the name of this new model, Hesperia, was the word used by the ancient Greeks for the unspoiled lands beyond the Western horizon. This electric motorcycle was built from the ground up for the purpose of adventure and exploration – in an environmentally friendly way. 

The Experia is Europe’s first electric Green Adventure Tourer and arguably the only electric motorcycle built purely for touring. The EsseEsse9 by Energica has touring capabilities, but it is not a dual-terrain bike like the Experia which limits its use in rural areas. The added features on the Experia mean it’s Energica’s most versatile bike – capable of being ridden long distances on both sealed and unsealed roads. 

Innovations from Energica’s new Green Tourer Platform include a reengineered EMCE electric motor, revised battery chemistry and new frame and chassis design – all of this with the intention to reduce weight, improve rider balance and increase ground clearance for rough terrain.

The Experia can comfortably carry a pillion, voluminous and aerodynamic hard side panels, weather protective fairings and adjustable windscreens have been added for adventure capability. With 112-litre storage capacity, 2 USB ports on the dash, and two more in a waterproof storage compartment which is lockable, and large enough to hold charging cables, a rain-suit or gloves. Those panniers, top box, side racks and windscreen all come as standard on the Experia Launch edition.

The battery capacity has increased with this new model to make it the electric motorcycle with the biggest battery capacity in the world (in full-production). The bike is slightly lighter than Energica’s other models, plus, a lower-centre of gravity allows for better low-speed manoeuvring. The automatic compression gearbox means no shifting required, no clutch, no noise from exhaust, no heat and no vibration – Adventure Riding in it’s purest form! Completely immerse yourself in the nature of your surroundings as you wind down mountain roads or dusty tracks – what we have been dreaming about. 

While the battery capacity has been dialled up – the torque, top speed and acceleration have been dialled down a bit compared to the other models (not an issue as the Ego, Ribelle and EsseEsse are probably a bit too insane in those areas). The overall result is a longer range bike which should comfortably hit 250+ kms at mixed riding speeds but could do more like 350 kms with lots of slower hills and technical rides. That’s getting seriously close to the top petrol adventure bikes – we used to ride a BMW GS850 which got about 330 kms of range from a full tank riding mostly unsealed roads. 

Energica Experia Specs

Max battery capacity: 22.5 kWh

Nominal capacity: 19.6 kWh

Top Speed: 180 km/h 

Acceleration: 0-100 km/in 3.5 seconds 

City range: 420km

Highway range: 256km

Torque: 115nm 

Power: 60kW/80HP 

Seat height: 847mm 

Charge time: 1 hour on DC fast charge, 6 hours on slow charge.  

Park assistant: Forward and Reverse (slow speed) 

When can we get the Energica Experia in Australia?

You can order an Energica Experia right now. From the date of order Energica is estimating it would take 5 months to get the motorcycle into Australia or NZ (3 months to build and 2 months to ship). That was the official word from Energica upon the announcement of the new launch edition of the Experia earlier this week. Demand has been pretty high in this first week of the launch, especially from dealers looking to order demonstrators around the world, so we’re expecting this 5 month wait time to increase over the next few months. If you are hell-bent on getting your hands on this top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art touring motorcycle, we encourage you not to wait. 

We expect to have our Energica Experia Launch Edition demonstrator bike in Australia in October 2022. Any orders we receive in the June, July or August 2022 should be delivered before the end of the year. 

Australian Electric Motor Co. are currently in the process of getting all Energica motorcycles road approved for Australian riders. We are waiting for Energica to confirm if the Experia can be added as a variant under our existing Full Volume Motorcycle Approval or if the new model requires a completely new application. Regardless of whether the Experia needs a new approval or can be added to the existing one – we should still have the model approved before the end of the year (more optimistically in November 2022). We will keep you updated if you subscribe to our monthly AEMC newsletter. 

Where can you get the Energica Experia? 

If you would like to know more about the Energica Experia, ordering, more specs and all the other fun stuff, contact the team at Australian Electric Motor Co on the website form below, by calling us on the number on the website or emailing [email protected]. We are the official distributor for Energica Motorcycles in Australia/NZ, and you can trust our expertise to get you your Experia as soon as possible.  

Our dealership is located in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast if you want to come see our showroom. You can also reach out to us using all the normal means to start doing some research on ordering an Experia. 

How much will the Energica Experia cost? 

At this stage the Experia Launch Edition is priced at $49,215 which includes the accessories in the images here (side racks, panniers, top box, windscreen, charging cable, heated handgrips, cast aluminium rims, bar ends, ergal bolt kits, Brembo brakes and Regina O-Ring Chain). The Ohlins suspension is an upgrade option on the standard ZF Sachs front forks and rear shock. 

That might raise an eyebrow and make your Mrs sweat, but this isn’t any ordinary motorcycle. You are essentially getting about $26k worth of batteries alone – a Tesla Powerwall retails for $13k here in Australia and is 12 kWh.

Energica made their stamp on the global EV stage by being the sole manufacturer for motorcycles used in the MotoE (the electric of the MotoGP) so you’re getting all of that advanced tech like liquid cooled components and intelligent power management. Features that mean this is an extremely reliable, high end motorcycle. We keep our eyes on what’s happening in the EV market, and trust us when we say that the Experia truly is a game-changer. 

We are proud to offer finance options through our partners at Allied Credit, and the Experia could work out to cost $148 p/week through finance based on a 20% deposit and 5 year repayment term. Of course subject to credit checks, approvals etc. 

There are also a number of money saving benefits when you make the switch to electric motorcycles – lower maintenance costs and they are much cheaper to run (free if you have solar) just to name a few. 

Some additional Energica Motor Company news

Earlier this year Energica Motor Company was acquired by global US based electric vehicle company Ideanomics. Their acquisition is great news for Energica owners as it solidifies the future of the trail blazing company. This means Energica technology could have a big influence on the growing EV market and that support for their vehicles will continue as electric vehicles grow to become the new standard in transport. 

You can read more about the acquisition from Energica’s official announcement here

If you have any questions about the Energica Experia or any of the Energica models, comment below or don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re absolute nerds for electric motorcycles so we love to chat about them with new people! 

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