Benzina Zero Electric Scooters Now Available with AEMC

Benzina Zero Electric Scooters have arrived at the Australian Electric Motor Co. The Aussie EV manufacturer have sent us our first few models with more due to arrive in coming months. 


We’ve been fans of the work Benzina Zero have been doing for a while, they believe that scooters are the unsung heroes of the two-wheeled vehicle family, and you know what… no argument here. Developing their range of electric scooters has provided delivery drivers, city dwellers and scooter lovers with an eco conscious and cost effective option for their ride. 

We could preach the Benzina Zero electric scooters all we like, but honestly, the proof is in the pudding – and here’s some insider info. Benzina Zero have been in talks with some pretty big delivery companies to supply their EV fleet. This seems like a promising sign that they have managed to develop a range of EV vehicles that are worth the investment. 


AEMC is offering the Benzina Zero electric scooter models Duo, Duo+, City and Sport models for the Gold Coast, and we think you’re going to love these bikes if you’re in the market for a motor scooter. Zero emissions, zero fuel and zero noise are all great reasons to make the switch to electric. Additionally, the RRPs are pretty comparable to new gas powered scooters and the Benzina Zero works out to be more affordable in the long run with registration, power and maintenance costs all slashed.

Benzina Zero Electric Scooter Deep Dive

The electric scooters are powered by the latest Bosch electric motors which are housed within the rear wheels. The Bosch motors produce up to 2.7 kW of power which is more than enough to get you around town. Most of the drive-train rests at the lowest points of the chassis giving them a lower center of gravity, improving handling in tight urban environments. 

One of the most promising innovations the Benzina Zero e scooters have to offer is hot-swappable battery technology. This means you can always have a battery on charge when not being used for riding. That takes away any concern of having to wait for batteries to charge. Which is a big splinter people have when thinking about switching to electric vehicles. 

The charge time on the Benzina Zeros are all pretty similar. They use a level 1 charger, which plugs into any standard electric socket, the same way you would charge a phone. Because the charging power you can get out of a type 1 charger is 2-3kW at best, it will take about 7 hours to fully charge one of their batteries. The best idea would be to make sure that if you’re running on empty, charge your scooter overnight or at work. 


The range vs times to charge was tested against typical usage in a city environment, and the Benzina Zero team found that you would need to charge once or maybe twice a week. A handy innovation for these batteries is that they are very easily interchangeable, which could get you out of a sticky situation if you’ve forgotten to charge your electric scooter overnight. 

Let’s get into the electric scooter models on offer. 


Benzina Zero Duo

Benzina Zero Electric Scooter duo model

Duo and Duo+ are reimagined electric scooters designed for pure utility. It kind of looks like an e-scooter collaboration with Lego – which is awesome! The Duo comes with a versatile range of attachments that allow you to pick and choose how the scooter fuctions. Going to run some errands? Add a rack over the rear wheel, a basket to the front and some carry racks to the side. Do you have a night of deliveries ahead? Fix secure food cases to both the front and rear. Sun’s out? Add a double seat at the back and strap on your surfboard. The Duo is a fun looking ride that will give you just over 100 kms of travel with a top speed of 45km/h 

The Duo+ model of the Benzina Zero Electric Scooters has a slightly more powerful motor giving riders a top speed of 65 km/h, 95 km range and an upgraded combined braking system. 


Benzina Zero City

Benzina Zero Electric Scooter City model

The City model looks inspired by the classic Vespa mopeds, but brought through to the 21st century with upgraded electric riding technology. The City would be right at home taking whizzing through urban streets getting you from A to B quietly and efficiently. This sleek electric scooter also has a top speed of 45 km/h with a slightly lower range of around 80 km. With added security features such as an LED light strip under the seat, improving nighttime visibility and anti-theft security alarm. 


Benzina Zero Sport 

Benzina Zero Electric Scooter sport model

A more aggressive sporty design delivers in exactly the way you would expect. Speed and distance are the aim of the Sport model. The Benzina Zero Sport comes with a twin-speaker audio system that Bluetooth connects to your phone, USB charging ports for your devices and the addition of a second 2.1kW (4.2kW total capacity) battery giving you class leading range of up to 90km.

If you’ve been thinking of making the switch to an electric we strongly recommend you come and check out the Benzina Zero electric scooters. They have developed an impressive range of Australian electric scooters that we are proud to distribute on the Gold Coast. We have already taken delivery of the Duo+ model and we will have a City and Sport model available in the coming months. Contact us or book a test ride now!

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