How To Customise Your Zero: Top Accessories and Modifications

Owning a Zero electric motorcycle is already a pretty wicked experience, but customising your ride can elevate it to a whole new level. At AEMC, we understand that personalisation is key to making your motorcycle truly yours. Here’s our advice on how to customise your Zero, with links to the best parts available.  


You can kind of take it as far as you want, the sky’s the limit. Like this truly epic custom Zero FX put together by the talented team at Purpose Built Moto

We’ve done some work with these guys in the past, and one thing we love about their work is their love and respect for classic motorcycles, and that they don’t shy away from bending the rules of innovation, plus they’re seriously creative. Check out the video below for a breakdown on the custom Zero FX, then keep scrolling for info on how you can get started customising your own electric bike.


Here’s a guide to the top basic accessories and modifications for Zero motorcycles, helping you enhance performance, comfort, and style.

Many of these you could tackle at home in your garage if you’re comfortable enough – but never be too proud to seek out an expert, you’ll be thankful you did. 


  1. Windshields and Windscreens

Adding a windshield or windscreen to your Zero motorcycle can greatly improve your riding comfort, especially on long trips. These accessories reduce wind fatigue and provide better aerodynamics. Options like the Zero Flyscreen or the touring windshield are popular choices that blend functionality with a sleek design.


  1. Storage Solutions

Whether you’re on a daily commute or going on an adventure, having ample storage is essential. Consider adding saddlebags, top cases, or tank bags to your Zero. Brands like GIVI and SW-Motech offer a variety of durable and well designed storage solutions compatible with Zero models. Having enough space for all your gear without compromising aesthetics is more of a functional upgrade than a style upgrade, and they’re well worth it.

Givi electric motorcycle saddles
  1. Seat Upgrades

For those long rides, comfort is essential. Upgrading your seat can make a significant difference. Options like the Zero Comfort Seat or aftermarket seats from brands like Corbin provide enhanced cushioning and ergonomics. Seat upgrades is also something to consider if you’re looking to add or take an inch from the sitting ride height. Handy if you’re vertically challenged, or on the tall side. These seats are designed to reduce fatigue and increase comfort, making your rides more enjoyable.


  1. Handlebar Modifications

Customizing your handlebars can improve your riding posture and control. They’re also something to consider based on your stature. Consider installing adjustable handlebars, bar risers, or grips tailored to your preferences. They can help reduce strain on your wrists and shoulders, providing a more comfortable and controlled riding experience.


  1. Lighting Enhancements

Upgrading the lighting on your Zero bike not only enhances its look but also increases safety. LED headlight kits, auxiliary lights, and turn signal upgrades can improve visibility during night rides or adverse weather conditions. Brands like Purpose Built Moto and Baja Designs offer quality lighting solutions that are easy to install and greatly improve your night rides.

how to customise your zero motorcycle


  1. Performance Upgrades

Zero motorcycles are already pretty stacked when it comes to performance, with the ability to control how much power your bike has access to via control devices, there’s not much you can do to get more speed out of an electric bike (as if you’d need to). However, a few upgrades can really take handling it to the next level. Upgrades like custom suspension, or opting for high-performance brake pads can improve your bike’s handling, braking, and overall ride quality. Especially handy when you have THAT much throttle at your fingertips. 


  1. Protective Accessories

Safety is always first. Protect your bike with accessories like frame sliders, skid plates, and crash bars. These additions safeguard your bike in case of a fall or accident, minimizing damage and repair costs (for both you and your bike). Brands like SW-Motech and R&G Racing provide robust protective gear designed specifically for Zero motorcycles.

SW-Motech Zero Crash Bar
  1. Charging Solutions

Optimizing your charging setup can make owning an electric motorcycle even more convenient. Consider adding a Charge Tank for faster charging times or installing a dedicated EV charger at home. These enhancements ensure that your Zero is always ready to go when you are.


  1. Aesthetic Customisations

As you saw with Purpose Built Motos custom Zero FX, you can really make your bike stand out and suit your style with a few select aesthetic upgrades. Personalise your bike with custom decals, paint jobs, or powder-coated parts. These cosmetic modifications allow you complete control of your style and make your bike stand out. Whether you prefer a sleek, minimalist look or bold, eye-catching designs, the options are endless.

  1. Tech Upgrades

Integrating advanced technology into your riding experience with accessories like GPS mounts, smartphone holders, and Bluetooth communication systems really add that futuristic element to your ride. These tech upgrades enhance navigation, connectivity, and safety, providing a more enjoyable and modern riding experience.

Customizing your Zero motorcycle with these top accessories and modifications can enhance its performance, comfort, and style, making every ride uniquely yours. At AEMC, we offer a wide range of accessories and expert advice to help you personalize your bike to fit your needs and preferences. Visit us today to explore our selection and get started on your customization journey.

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